Sevastone iPad Case Makes Your Life 10x Easier In 5 Different Ways

We’ve developed the Sevastone iPad case with the goal of making life with your iPad easier than ever before. Here are some of our favorite features of the case:

1. Increased Peace of Mind. Each of Sevastone cases are made from a high quality polycarbonate material. That’s the same shatter resistant material used to make bullet proof glass! We certainly hope you’ll never need our case to stop a bullet for you, but it will definitely help your iPad Mini survive the normal slips and falls associated with everyday life.


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2. Tough, but not bulky. Your iPad Mini was designed to be a lightweight device, but a lot of cases on the market make you forego form for function by adding lots of bulk and packing pounds onto your case in order to protect it. Sevastone is strong, slim, and light, giving you the best of both worlds so you don’t sacrifice a thing. Also, our case is easy to put on your iPad so you won’t spend lots of time trying to assemble the case.

3. Go hands-free with your iPad Mini. The Sevastone case is designed to work with our entire family of accessories so that you never have to take your iPad out of its case to unlock the full potential of your iPad! Want to watch a movie while you run on a treadmill- it stays in the case and attaches to the Runner! Want to keep mom’s recipe at eye level in the kitchen, no problem! Mount your Sevastone equipped iPad right to the Gekko!

Try Our Premium Package —— > Discounted For A Very Limited Time

4. Remove cover, without forfeiting protection. Our case comes standard with a removable cover so that it’s out of your way when you don’t need it. When you’re ready to resume with 360 iPad protection, the cover is easily reinstalled with our patented mounting system! Our case cover also uses magnets to securely hold two different viewing angles for watching movies or typing! We’ve even designed the cover to make full use of the sleep/wake function of your iPad!

5. Staying power. As our collection of cases grows to keep up with the most up-to-date design changes from your favorite companies, you can be sure that all of our cases from here on out will fit our existing mounts so that you never have to replace all of your favorite accessories when you buy a new iPad.

We think this new series of iPad accessories will help make your life easier and right now is the best time to buy as we are offering our entire line-up at steep discounts and free shipping. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can give it a try today! If you don’t think Sevastone is the best way to protect and get the most out of your iPad, send it back to us for a FULL refund!

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