Best apps for iPad productivity

Your iPad is an incredible device, make sure you’ve got the right apps to help you get work done on the go!

Get an office suite. Either Apple’s iWork or Microsoft’s Office suite. Both are incredible solutions and work extremely well for on-the-go professionals. I personally enjoy the flexibility of Apple’s software, but I use MS Office because that’s what most of the people I work with use so it cuts down on potential compatibility issues. Also, Apple makes it hard to synch with cloud storage outside of iCloud.

Cloud storage. I use a combination of google drive and dropbox. The delta is mostly driven by software limitations wherein specific software doesn’t save to one or the other of those storage solutions. But having a cloud storage is a must for sharing work with a team or ensuring that your work isn’t stuck on a tablet when its time to switch to a larger screen to do final revisions (and yes, I recommend using a large display for proofreading/editing).

Email. The Mail App works well for many users, but it lacks some powerful integration with dropbox, evernote, and google drive. I don’t really like adding a piece of separate software for email on iOS when the one that comes with my device can’t be deleted, but getting better integration with some of my other favorite apps makes adding Cloud Magic (free) and easy add to the collection. You can integrate with Evernote and Trello and add attachments from Google Drive and Dropbox directly within the app.

Project Management: Evernote and Trello. Many users are likely familiar with Evernote, which has a powerful organizational structure to help you do everything from clip recipes from the internet, to curate them into a cookbook, to sharing notes with a team for a research project. Trello is an amazing tool for distributed team collaboration allowing teams to setup up boards for specific tasks or focused efforts, capture ideas, and plan for different phases of a project. It also has a lot of potential to be used for managing household tasks like planning birthday parties or vacations.

Photo editing. While Apple’s Photo software is easy to use and has several of the most popular photo editing features, I recommend getting Photo Editor by Aviary as it has a robust editing capability and set of filters that you can’t find in Photo and it offers in-app purchases for custom features that you may want to use for your specific projects and it winds up being a relatively inexpensive solution to photo editing problems. This way no matter what tasks your presented with you’ll have the right photo solution at your fingertips.

Scanning. Camscanner Plus. This program has been a lifesaver for me on multiple occasions and it automatically transforms digital images into pristine documents that look like they came from a dedicated scanning device. There is a free version, but I recommend going with the Plus version for $4.99

Sign. Sometime you will require the ability to sign documents while you are on a mobile device. I recommend using Landtech’s e-Sign, and its barebones, no hassle setup.

Social: Managing social accounts is huge for small business owners. I’m not a professional, but I’ve reached out to people who are and they all recommend using cross-domain solutions to simplify the process. Out of the ten I interviewed, 7 of them recommended using Hootsuite which can link your social posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can manage three accounts free and pay only a nominal fee for any account after that.

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