What is Sevastone?

Our mission is to help you find better ways to use your iPad throughout your day.  We understand that the best way to help you make full use of your iPad is to make it a hands free device.  That’s why we created a series of cases and iPad mounts that work together to help you move seamlessly from one activity to the next with your iPad.  We’re a company of professionals and parents with passions that range from travel to scuba diving.  Like you, we lead busy, mobile lives and we want our technology to flow seamlessly through our day, not make us work harder to use it.

We designed Sevastone to unleash your iPad’s potential.  We’ve found lots of iPad users just like you who wish their iPad would get up off their desk and go with them wherever and whenever they need it.  Your iPad fits into your life differently than anyone else’s, which is why our system is customizable so you can design the iPad support system that works best for you!

The backbone of our system is the Sevastone case.  This case has all of the most popular protection features and then adds a built in mount so that it can work seamlessly with our entire line of accessories.

We’ve also designed a suction cup mount we call the “Gekko”.  This nifty device allows for customizable viewing angles and hands free viewing on numerous surfaces.

Also, we have created a micro-suction mount called the Runner.  This is a reusable device that allows for secure mounting on a variety of surfaces.  Everything from treadmills to refrigerators.  This device is a true breakthrough in convenience and versatility.  It can be used thousands of times without losing its adhesive properties.

We’re launching these three products first, but we’ve developed two more accessories to help make life with iPad even easier.

First of all, we’ve created a car headrest mount called the “Roadtrip” which is a magnetically secured device that is easy to install and holds your iPad securely in place.

We have also designed a messenger bag that safely and securely holds your iPad while providing easy access to your iPad on the go.

The Roadtrip and Messenger Bag will released in mid- 2016.  If you’re interested, please join our email list to stay tuned for product updates and specials.

You can buy any of our products and try it out to see if it fits your lifestyle.  We’re so sure that you’ll think this is the most protective and versatile system of iPad accessories that you’ve ever used that we back it up with a risk-free guarantee.  We carry a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee on all of our products and we pay for the return shipment!

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